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Vodka Ella Skinny Ginny Tequi-lala Lime slice Cucumber Grapefruit segment Grapefruit Grapefruit slice Lime slice Alcoholic
discover REFRESHING & LIGHT As seen in Vogue
Skinny Ginny can
Skinny Ginny can
An idea was born

Refreshing & light hard seltzers

It all started with The Cocktail Car and a French Bulldog named Ralph.

Working at many prestigious events around the country, we were frequently asked to create light and fresh cocktails.

Our mission

Our desire was to create a hard seltzer range using the finest extracts and botanicals, organic agave syrup and sparkling water.

Our fabulous range is ready to go and may be enjoyed straight from our bespoke can.

“Sassy & classy…no need for a glassy”

5% abv, vegan friendly.

The range

Meet the ladies


Tequila, grapefruit, agave and sparkling water



Vodka, lime, agave and sparkling water

Skinny Ginny


Gin, cucumber, mint agave and sparkling water

Get to know So Bardot

Common Questions

So Bardot FAQ
What is a Hard Seltzer?

A hard seltzer is an alcoholic beverage based with carbonated water. β€˜Hard’ refers to the alcohol, β€˜Seltzer’ refers to the carbonated water.

Are your cocktails suitable for vegans and vegetarians?
Yes, all of our drinks are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Do your drinks contain alcohol?
Yes, our drinks are alcoholic at 5% abv & 1.3 units per can. You must be over 18 to purchase and consume So Bardot cocktails. Drink Responsibly.
Are your cocktails sustainable?
Our cans can be recycled and we use PLA sleeves which are commercially compostable.
Do you donate to charity?
Yes, So Bardot donate 1p per can to The Dogs Trust.